Invited speakers

Daniel Araujo (University of Cadix, Spain) Input of cathodoluminescence in the semiconductor field. A review over the last 30 years


Mowafak Al-Jassim (NREL, USA) EBIC/CL on CdTe and CIGS solar cells


Toon Coenen (DELMIC, The Netherlands)  Angle-resolved cathodoluminescence microscopy : applications to semiconductors and plasmonic


Kim Donghwan (Korea) Degradation in photovoltaic devices


Nancy  Haegel (NREL, USA) Dual Probe Imaging: Combining Electron Beam Excitation and Near Field Scanning Optical Microscopy to Visualize Carrier Transport


Gwénolé Jacopin (EPFL, Switzerland) Hopping of bound excitons in ZnO microwires probed by time-resolved CL


Mathieu Kociak (LPS, France) Time-correlated CL of defect centers in diamond and hBN


Niklas Nilius (Max-Plank Institute, Germany) STM-luminescence spectroscopy of defects and impurities in oxides


Maura Pavesi (University of Parma, Italia) LBIC in tellurides for X-ray detection: transport properties and electric field reconstruction


Maria Tchernycheva (IEF, France) EBIC in InGaN/GaN core-shell nanowires


Milos Toth (UTS, Australia) Electron beam induced chemical processing and characterization of semiconductors


Maria Zamoryanskaya (IOFFE, Russia) Radiative center properties in wide bandgap semiconductors




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